Born from frustration

Nugget Stuff was born from frustration! Frustration that vehicle manufacturers build trucks for shopping centres, not the great Aussie bush.

My name is Wayne (Nugget) Nielsen. I’m a Queenslander who knows a thing or two about fabricating super-tough stuff for 4x4s. And it’s stuff that lasts.

Rough, tough & Aussie made

I created Nugget Stuff, because manufactures don’t seem to understand that Australia has some of the roughest, toughest and most remote regions in the world! The last thing anyone wants, is to get stuck when you’ve just reached the other side of the black stump.

At Nugget Stuff, our products provide solutions to problems. Yep, problems I have personally experienced whilst either modifying my own truck, or when touring the outback.

All of my products are designed to make 4WD life safer, easier and more enjoyable. It’s pretty simple. I solve tough problems with even tougher manufactured solutions.